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Sergios Theodoridis

Sergios Theodoridis – Sergios Theodoridis is currently a Professor of Signal Processing and Machine Learning at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. He is the author of the book Machine Learning: A Bayesian and Optimization Perspective.
Data-driven research makes shopping easier. We search through social media posts, blogs, forums, comments, articles, reviews and more. That data gets translated into meaningful information. The result is online shopping becomes fun, informed and quick.

It’s impossible to keep track of every new product review. Reviewing every piece of information on a product is frustrating and exhausting. Not to mention, confusing. Now you don’t have to worry anymore about having missed something important. We catch that information for you.

All you need to do is shopping.

Our technology collects all the information you need to make a smart buy. We then use our findings to give you the online crowd’s sentiment about a product.

We monitor the major online retailers and marketplaces, in real-time, for you. That means our consumer sentiment and pricing data stays current.

Our mission is making your online shopping experience simple and pleasurable. We love helping you save time as well as money.

Join our growing community of happy online shoppers. We invite you to enjoy our online shopping tool, too!

Adress: University of Athens, Panepistimiopolis Ilissia